Where are you located?

We are located just west of Balzac on the 566. Please check out the map below for the exact location

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What is your method of Payment

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discovery and cheques.

Can we access our RV anytime

If you have a Key Pad entry code you can enter between 6am and 9:45pm 7 days per week during the summer.

Please see other times as posted under Office Hours.

Do we occupy the same stall all the time

Yes if you sign a lease for a year it is yours for as long as you keep renewing your lease.

Can we put other things in our stall

No the stall is for the registered unit only. You may leave your vehicle in the stall if you have a motor home. We do not encourage anything to be left in the stall.

Do you allow open trailers and cargo trailers to park in the facility

No we do not want any units such as bobcats, backhoes, construction materials to be openly viewed plus we do not rent stalls for year round businesses as it only encourages a breach of security.   We operate an RV facility and it must remain clean and tidy at all times.

Can we make repairs on sight when required

No, but we will allow a qualified service truck to make repairs.

Can we use the garbage containers around the facility

Yes indeed but no household garbage please, only from your RV.

Do you recycle anything

Yes we collect bottles on behalf of CAMP SUNFLOWER a local summer camp for severely handicapped children which we proudly support.

What if we want to use or remove our unit during the winter

Please call us two or three days before you wish to access or return your RV to your stall.
We will make sure the snow has been cleared away for you.

Are you open to suggestions

We welcome suggestions as we intend to be the best RV storage facility in Calgary and intend to make you happy anytime we are able to.